SkyBoost 5.8GHz (Free Shipping Worldwide)

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A simple plug & play solution to boost your Skycontroller right away !

You feel almost no extra weight added to the Skycontroller.

Product Features

  • Max output 4W
  • Model sba4-5.8.2
  • Frequency range 5.7~5.8hz

You can choose to install either the 2.4Ghz or 5.8Ghz version. The 2.4Ghz version is avalable here.

SkyBoost 2.4Ghz and SkyBoost 5.8Ghz comparison.


  • Powered directly from SkyController USB port with 12V boost T2 power cable
  • Boost your skycontroller range at least 50% - 200%
  • Stronger signal -> reduce disconnection -> faster re-connection after loss of signal -> prevent fly away
  • Smoother video streaming
  • Greater FPV experience
  • Ability to control the drone or change camera angle at greater distance in flight plan
  • Ideal for urban environment where 2.4Ghz frequency is flooded
  • Better range and video quality than the 2.4Ghz in urban
  • Easy plug & play installation in 5 minutes
  • Compatible with Skycontroller 1 only (Color: Black, Red, Blue, Yellow). The smaller version of Skycontroller 2 is NOT supported

*Make sure you have enough battery power for the return trip.

What's in the box

  • SkyBoost 5.8GHz (Skycontroller excluded)
  • Antenna cables x 2
  • 12v USB boost power cable - T2 Version
  • Adapter
  • 3M dual lock reclosable fasterner

** Please comply with your local authority when using this device.

Customer Reviews

"I tested the 5.8 Ghz booster, and I'm very satisfied. I tested the booster in the same place where usually Bebop did 700 meters max and it reached 1.5 km (100% improvement) with a very good video streaming. The kit is provided with all mounting accessories and it is very easy to install. I recommend it to all users of the bebop & skycontroller, it is awesome concurrently with Auriga Bebop app to allow a more enjoyable flying experience." - by Bebop Dome, Italy (Developer of Auriga Bebop

"I bought the 5.8ghz one and flew over built up area and stayed connected all the way at max altitude and max distance on free flight pro" - by Andy, United Kingdom (Facebook Video)

Test 1

Test 2

FPV Video Feed Test.

Video captured from 6" smartphone. Recommend to view from your mobile device for closer experience with original screen and FPV viewing.