SkyBoost 2.4GHz (Free Shipping Worldwide)

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A simple plug & play solution to boost your Skycontroller right away !

You feel almost no extra weight added to the Skycontroller.

Product Features

  • Max output 4W
  • Model sba4-2.4.2
  • Frequency range 2.4~2.5Ghz

You can choose to install either the 2.4Ghz or 5.8Ghz version. The 5.8Ghz version is avalable here.

SkyBoost 2.4Ghz and SkyBoost 5.8Ghz comparison.


  • Powered directly from SkyController USB port with 12V boost T2 power cable
  • Boost your skycontroller range at least 50% - 200%
  • Stronger signal -> reduce disconnection -> faster re-connection after loss of signal -> prevent fly away
  • Smoother video streaming
  • Greater FPV experience
  • Ability to control the drone or change camera angle at greater distance in flight plan
  • Ideal for open environment
  • Easy plug & play installation in 5 minutes.
  • Compatible with Skycontroller 1 only (Color: Black, Red, Blue, Yellow). The smaller version of Skycontroller 2 is NOT supported.

*Make sure you have enough battery power for the return trip.

What's in the box

  • SkyBoost 2.4GHz (Skycontroller excluded)
  • Antenna cables x 2
  • 12v USB boost power cable - T2 Version
  • Adapter
  • 3M dual lock reclosable fasterner

** Please comply with your local authority when using this device.

Customer Reviews

"I have been using the SkyBoost2.4 and it's absolutely blowing my mind, very minimal glitches and I am consistently achieving a distance of 2 km easy along flat planes here in Australia. great stuff." - by Ashwin K., Australia

"the signal remained strong even when the bebop 2 was about a kilometer away from me.... this is certainly quite a functional gadget. beats carrying a range extender and then worrying about how to power it up" - by EK, Philippines

"very clear view of flight in my iPad compared always without the SkyBoost." - by Angelos A., Greece

"you do get more range, and the video streaming doesn't go fuzzy till it's a fair way from you. I was in a big open area and I flew it 1.5km away and the screen just started to go fuzzy then, without the SkyBoost it would have been around 800m to 1km." - by James M., Australia

"I was able to go up to 1.7km and back. Max altitude was 120m. Signal was only one LED strong but the video feedback was still smooth up to the 1.7km limit which is very nice. Today, I tested a 2.7km one way ***** using flight plan (with someone at the other end to receive the drone). I had clear video feedback up to 2.4km and then it stops abruptly. Flight altitude was 150m. There was a wide stretch of forest between me and the drone (like from 1km to 1.5km) the rest was open field. There was power lines just behind me. If you want my opinion I think this is quite good! Overall I am very happy with the device." - by Sasounet, Canada

"SkyBoost does improve the quality of the video stream and light distance" - by Fernando D., Portugal --> (Youtube test result 1) / (Youtube test result 2)

"I am very happy with the extra range. good job. There is a definite increase in range. We have a lot of rain forests so any range extension is good." - by BradG, Australia

"Reached 2859 meters before I lost connection. I had almost fluid FPV until I lost connection.Tested in area with low wifi interference." - by Mikael, Denmark --> (Youtube video)

"2.3 km performed with very good video streaming by SkyBoost and Auriga Bebop app." - by Bebop Dome, Italy (Developer of Auriga Bebop --> (Youtube video)

"I got just over 4km away before I lost signal and had to RTH. Arrived back though with a massive 47% battery left after flying for 8km!! " - by Aled Lintern-Lyes --> (Youtube video)


Test 1:

Auriga Bebop FPV view - 3km

  • Weather: Windy
  • Very minimum interference (in rural area where not much 2.4Ghz networks interference)

*** This video streaming quality can only be achieved by 2.4Ghz IF there is very minimum interference in your flying zone.

Test 2:

SkyController Only --> Distance 1430 meter

  • Wifi 2.4GHz
  • Channel 6
  • Condition: Windy. Medium wifi interference from houses and office building at destination.

Skycontroller with Skyboost 2.4 --> Distance 2078 meter

  • Wifi 2.4GHz
  • Channel 6
  • Condition: Windy. Medium wifi interference from houses and office building at destination.

Before - Skycontroller only - Distance 1430 meter

After - Skycontroller with Skyboost 2.4 - Distance 2078 meter

Test 3 :

SkyController Only - Distance 1004 meter

medium wifi interference from houses at ending point.

SkyController with Skyboost 2.4 - Distance 2542 meter

Able to push through the medium wifi area at 1004 meter and go further 1538 meter deep into the forest area. Not disconnected yet, returned home due to battery level.